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Message from the Chairman

ACCSI - Message from the Chairman

We find ourselves in the middle of an increasingly globalised world, such globalization continually shrinks distances around the globe, thus, companies tend to increase their scope of action while approaching new markets for distribution and commercialization of their products, or to develop new entrepreneurial ventures, that enables serious and effective relations, offering benefits to all parties.

In this respect, I would like to introduce you to the present survey relating to our corporate project - ACCSI -: who we are, our purpose, as well as our performance, which as you can read up, is framed within high technical levels and qualifications, capable of meeting many different needs, with focus on becoming a leading national benchmark in the relations with People´s of Republic of China.

In this regard, we hold partnership agreements with investment groups; venture capital companies; law firms and institutional relations, with capacity of developing a business project based on the highest standards and effectiveness.

We are at your entire disposal to meet all your consulting requirements.

Thank you very much for reading.

Pedro Amorós.
Chairman. ACCSI, S.L.

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